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My poetry from 2003 - Present. All poems are memories from those years, the most recent being towards the bottom. Enjoy at your leisure! (Halite, Sarah Jane & Wrecked in Triangular Battlefield are probably my favourite three).
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Wake Me 85
Through Your Eyes 1
The Analyst 91
Don't Think 83
The Romanticist 92
When 1
Story Of A Star 93
Sense Of Pain 1
Hide With Me No More 1
Sarah Jane Stole My Lines Again 910
Last Night She Cried 2
Cry The Heart Of Willow 1
Ballad Of A BreakUp Blues
Wrecked In Triangular Battlefield 1
Beachy Head Is Overcrowded 1
My Eyes Are Green
Thoughts As You Fall Asleep
Music In Mind
Ribbon 2
If 1
Shared Dream
Cocaine White And Blue
One, Two, Three, Four
Halite 1
Your Tights
Web Of Trust
Broken Tears I Cant Explain
A Friend In The End 83
Blood On The Bedsheet 91
Shell On The Shore
Flames Of Desire 1
A love poem 9
Pandora 1
In Sleep 1
What Would You Do 2
That Boat 1
No Regrets
I'm Here 1
Who Are You
Dear Angel
His Funeral 1
You Built A Lie On Ice Cubes 2
The Line
Paralysis of Analysis 72
Perfection 2
Falling In Love 83
Champagne 1
Silent Gift Of Truth 82
Wished 93
Only You
Sunday Morning 1
It Was My Dream 1
Addiction 1
The Other Side
Emotion is perception
Strength 1
A Hatred Like No Other
Bleeding Tears 1
First Love 71
To The Six
You Don't Know Love
To Lianne
A closed box. 91
Goodbye Little Girl
The Girl's A Friend 81
Hue Of Blue
Remember The Night We Danced In France 1
I Saw A Ship Go Sailing By On New Years Day 1
Under A Lover's Sky 1
I Climbed A Mountain To Reach You 1
For Bradley
I Know Im Getting Married 8.53
Making Memories
Ex-Friends Break Your Heart
Tripartite 71
Answer The Question Ex-Lover 1
In A Time Before 1
Man At Ransom 82
I Threw My Heart Away 9
Oh Lover
Photo In A White Frame 9
What If We Don't Make It? 2
Sky of Tears
To Busy To Love
Don't Listen To That Breakup Song 1
Wait Forever
Love of my life, Shant be your wife.
Lost my counsel
Whispers on the wind
He won't set my world alight 1
Don't even glance
Cab ride
A lovers thought.
One Night Stand