Sarah Jane Stole My Lines Again, by Don't build lies on ice cubes. Subscribe to rss feed for Don't build lies on ice cubes.

Sarah Jane stole the show again
She took away my part
Sarah Jane read my lines again
And with them she took his heart

Mary Kate wore my dress
And it looked much better on her
Mary Kate I must confess
She copied the way we were

Jessica did much better than me
She was given a higher score
Jessica showed more ability
And with it she left me sore

Christina dyed her hair like mine
Whilst my roots began to show
Christina's hair, brighter did shine
He was dazzled by the glow

Zoe's make up was precise
With her blue eyes and blackened lash
Zoe's face would melt his ice
While my own green eyes would flash

Lauren pushed me to one side
As she bounded toward the stand
Lauren listened and you would confide
Whilst I hadnt even given my hand

Well I could have played that part,
and I knew all the lines
If it was the dress that won your heart
Well if anything it was mine

And I was having an off day,
My scores are normally the best
And I know my hair doesnt shine that way
But believe me I try my best

And green eyes sparkle far more bright
If only given the chance
These eyes of mine would have warmed the night
They could have done it with just one glance

So maybe Im not as strong
I dont push myself to the front
But i waited patiently so long
I dont have the drive to win the hunt

And i would have listened with great care
Whenever you needed me too
And with me anything you could share
Likewise, id share my soul with you

So apologies that this message is late
Those other girls were more alert
And if it was you who was my fate
Well then its my own fault I am hurt

Posted: 2010-06-15 22:03:12 UTC

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2005-04-22 18:16:38Cutie In A Death Cab
WOW! I think this poem is just spectacular. :) It's like, the best one I've read in a long time. You did a great job of allowing the reader share your emotions. My heart hurts! Lovely lovely.

2005-06-19 12:42:22becky
this one is mi favourate!! i wanna make it into a song!! hehe

2005-10-15 02:17:43 ♥ Break The Tradition
wow..amazing you've got such a talent with this ...maybe we could write a joint poem sometime? could be cool

2006-01-26 21:42:45Spiritual Beauty
i like it

2006-04-23 10:36:00Natalie
Hey I love it!

2006-04-25 14:30:58XRebzX
Absolutely brilliant again!:)

2006-05-17 20:14:07...
wow, this poem is just the best, well done, really!

2007-03-10 09:29:30liberty moon
excuse my french this is freaking gr8. whoa this is a really one of da best poems i've read in a while. may God bless u

2009-02-22 01:59:53connie
This is really good

2010-09-30 12:44:07Bige.C.J
Very Nice ..