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I'm a happy female doing what I like. I live in the cold north except when it's summer, then it's hot. I hope you like my poems.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
The Lighthouse 2
Wolf Prints 2
The Vine Covered Cottage 1
The Fourth Of July
My Secret Garden 1
What I Am
I'll See You In My Dream
A Storm Is A-Brewin
My Road 1
It's Dark
The Darkest Purple Feeling
Awakening (Haiku) 2
Going 2
The Coming Storm
The Shanty's Secret 2
Who Is She? 2
HoneyMoon Island
The Moon Is Red
If Walls Could Talk
The Storm
Dark Clouds
Last Love
The Panty Flag
Hell 72
The Computer Queen 1
Fear Not
The Night Creature 1
Yellow Roses
Last Days
By The Rivers Of Babylon
A Shot At Twilight (Monody) 1
The Bunyip 2
Cottage In The Wood 1
A promise Of Spring 1
It Looks Like Christmas
Fear 71
Gifts Of The Magi 2
A Child's Memory
The Moon Is Red 1
Winter White Christmas
Shipwrecked 1
Shadow Memories Of Ancient Egypt 1
Secret Vows
For Just A Moment 2
The Dream 2
Fairy Land
Me & You
Past Life 1
The Portal
John Paul 'The Great' 1
The Beach Bum
Writing Poetry
The Wedding
Ascension Of The Old Ones
Beer 41
Red, Red Wine
Valentine Poem 1
Castle In The Woods
Stone Lady
Chocolate (Nonet)
Fable Of A Toe
My Fairy Love
The Great Wave
Home For Christmas
Christmas Eve
The Test
The Cave 1
The King
Unturkey Day 1
Words 91
You Said Goodbye 1
She Is A Tree
Spontaneously Gone
Alabaster Hall
In Shades Of Grey
Sun, Moon & Stars 1
Day By Day
Just For Awhile
Kitty 1
Unfinished Melody 2
Old Shoes 1
I Won't Say Goodbye 72
Death And Sin
The Message
Clean Up Job
My Kindred Soul
The Village
The Buds Of Spring
You're What I Did Need
Valentine Candy
My Valentine 51
The Man
The Condor (Limerick)
Going Home
Goddess Of Stone Manor
The Year Is New 1
Winter Hills
The Evergreen
Christmas In Minnesota 1
First Snow
Come Into My Kitchen
Seasons 3
The Mausoleum
The Purple Sky 41
Take Me Back To Yesterday 1
Earth Life
Together Again
Lost Love 1
The Portrait
Good Wolf 1
Neuschwanstein Castle
He 61
Christmas 2003
A Lonely Rose
Frozen North
Hallowed Pumkin Eve
Thanksgiving 2005
New Year 2006
The Orb
Walking On 1
Harmony Jane
The Pearly Gates
Eight Months 1
Frozen Tears 91
In The Stillness 91
Easter Time 1
My Road Of Life
A Battery Hen
The Maid
My Lady 1
Heart Dust
Beware 81
The Silver Key 1
Dreaming About The Desert
Ode To Mothers
Ship Of The Desert
The Hotel
Deserted Island
The Redwood Is My Home
That Bottle Of Wine 1
July Fourth 2006
Faded Memory
The Beginning Of The End 1
Night Fishing
The Garden
Night Winds 1
Magic Night
The Eskimo
Strawberry Red 1
Grey Skies
Come Back
My Blue Shoes
My Road
You'll Be Back
As Time Goes By 1
The Mountain
Enlightened Tree
Autumn Trees
The Shrine
The Enchanted Garden 2
My Heavenly Bride
Rumors Of Spring
I Belong to you
Free-form Night 1
Down The Lane
The Sprite
The Night Before
The Jungle 1
The Island
Water's Edge
My Secret Place
Farewell For Awhile
Nature 2009 1
And Then There's Ronaldo
In The Time Of Butterflies
The wooden Tub
Beyond The Purple Hills