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Chance to rise
Take her over
Make it sure
What to write? 1
Enough of liberty
Prove its worth
Dina, real flower
Precious gift
Dina-my limited world
Fell down to feet
Brought down
Precious gift
Help in age
In any direction
Double use
A touch and go
Until you dream 7
An ideal woman
Do not cry
Sooth sayers
One in million chances
let people rule
Love and like 1
Strongly built relation
Calling for sure
Ripples in spine
Nice to dream
Rise and fall
Someone to call
From human vultures
Not focused
Waters drop down
Romantic nature 1
Pray for reprieve
Call for sure
Let storm not wither
Suicide- A great concern
Timing with place
A magnetic pull
In different environment
No unnatural death
Love thee neighbor
What is she looking at ?
Since many years
Something to tell
So kind and merciful
Even if desired
No one did 1
Far from city rush
Not to hurt
Look towards sky
Bound to happen
With your personality
Sinned against sin
With hectic activities
Arrogance too differ
Only funny
Labor is justified
Naughty girl
Without human fragrance
After all mother
Lovely to cherish
Beautiful creature
Full of problems
In exile
Down with age
Another name
Spare some time
Nothing is yours
Enough is enough
Come at night
City crowd
Worthless as friend
Entering new day
Life today
Sad queen
Fight for survival
Know yourself
What else to remember?
In beautiful garden 1
Honorable inclusion
I wish not to
My request
Natural phenomena 1
Many more
Good institutions
Love has no edge
Everywhere found
Volcanic eruption
Destroy the enemy
No specialty
Stick bravely
Only one ray
Time may tick
Common in mind
Set direction
Grow old
Infant's feed
Dark days are over
My intention
For my country
Cool breeze on fingers
From the back
I pledge
Under thick smoke
Endless search
So many reasons
Held firmly
In past years 1
Best friends 51
Sun may shine
Difficult as friend 1
Life to be defined
I wish i could change
Wish and pray
Quality or color
Engraved marbles
Rest with people
Towards sky
Prayer words
Simple message
Of moral standards
Illicit relation
Cat heart
Don't hurt
Someone said it
I decided to..
Out of love
After break
Away from the scene
Out of love 1
Divine mission
one soul
Of myself
I wish the same
Love making
Create hope
At her zenith
For new poets
Real and smiley
Difficult to maintain
Midnight scare
As he does
If there were
In heaven
Dynastic rule
Not to keep us free
You are ugliest
Rise and fall ultimate
hell will not fall
Can turn a tide
Felt it badly
With human aspects
No dirty games 1
You are ugliest
Rise and fall not ultimate
You will turn criminal
Not too high
Not exact 1
Bitter and sour
Not word of criticism
And not fade
Strong metal
About rose
Up and forget
Shape and body
Complete thrust
Full laugh
Wonderful you are
No ifs and buts
Ask about mother
As dark as night
You are at
Total contrast
Honesty looses
Tears on face
Just trust
No hatred
Little born 1
Dreams to live
Mountain doubt
Wrong on the way
A beautiful simple object
Not as an art
Watch green leaves
Cried for hours
Little mistake
Let them go
Are dear to us
Where is she?
World is perfect
Self boost
Nothing wrong 1
Nothing is permanent
Must repeat
With variance
Silver moon
Something unusual
New friend
At midnight
it is faith
Life is not hell
This must be
Fake poets 72
You may find
No dark
Should we ponder!
Keep open 1
Defined differently
You alone
Bright day
Time is essence
Love signals
Not afraid
Idle corner
I and mother
Not the game
Ramadan and old friends
Weeping child
Couldn't find
Someone to overrule
Tide's turn
Rare gesture
Life never understood
From the outset
Anna! Anna!
Time and tide
Ya, Allah
Time passage
Nation awakes
Is freedom curse?
Specially for you
No relevance
With honor
The candle melts too
Renounce violence
Honor to teachers
what brings smile
With loud bang
Cuckoo from crow
Get old
Rain again
Can't do it
Not to make choice
Not at peace
For poetry
As female
Remain forever 1
Disaster masters
No money, no honey
Pleasure days
Except woes
Total sad demise
A message of love
Winter abode
Go alone 7
Abide by teacher
Speechless and dumb
how right she was?
Like water bubble
Number power
Wise people
One more rose
As an insult
Care for..
lovely sweet home
No need to show
Peace and honor
Love to hide 1
Old age syndrome
God, hear me please
I was fool
World to end
Treat it as casual 1
End the war
Blurred vision 1
Cheat no more 1
What is use!