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You can get to know me through my writings.
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On this Christmas eve
Amazed by you
When my world stopped 7
Won't shed a tear 1
One day (You'll be mine)
The moment of my life 1
I will never forget you
Hold onto your heart
I've finally realized
Let my guitar cry
Dont give a f*ck 8
Dance with me tonight
Tryin' 2 escape
One mistake
Like a storm
Already gone 2
Forgetting me. 9
Out of sight
Peacefully asleep
Gone by tonight
My home is your heart
Neverending story
You ran away
Your shelter 8
I'm here
Stay alive
Never enough 8
Ghost 9
Sooner or Later
Box of regrets
The Truth
Best thing 74
This time up
Murderer 1
You cannot feel with eyes
Devil 5.671
Winter Isolation
It's Late And I Miss You
We Got This
She Has Fallen 9