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Posted: 2012-07-23 15:23:30 UTC
i'm so tired of being here,
i'm so tired of feeling fear,
but i know nothing will change,
cus i will always be the same.

i get nervous for every fucking thing,
you should have been here with me,
life'd be easier for me,
if you stayed near beside me.

every single fucking song,
ends with you which is wrong,
i'm traing to forget you,
cus i'm trying to move on.

you're like a storm on a perfect day,
turning blue into grey,
one day you'll wish you'd stayed,
but guess what, it'll be too late.

Do you remember when you left me?
Do you remember leaving without goodbye?
I used to cry all night,
and now my eyes are dry,
but the pain in my heart just won't stop,
i'm lost in your love fog.


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