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Posted: 2012-01-11 17:25:29 UTC
California, country of my dreams,
I'd do anything to make it real,
just imagine this:
"Walking on Malibu's beach,
with you next to me,
everything like it is meant to be."
But I'm afraid it's not what it seems,
cause' it's only just my dream.

If you want to success,
you have to fly to L.A.
city of the angels,
yeah I wanna go there.
This wish keeps on rolling in my head,
and I think it will stay that way.

You won't know anything unless you try,
oh yeah this wish will happen tonight,
when I'll turn off the lights,
when I'll close my eyes,
and when I'll fall into a deep sleep,
yeah it will happen tonight.

Maybe I'll never be walking on those streets,
but I'll always have my dreams,
and no one can't take them away from me,
so i'll just keep on dreamin' tonight.


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