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Posted: 2017-12-15 09:30:15 UTC
I used to know what to do,
strange way to tell you,
sometimes i don't know what to say,
i think it's better that way.

There's too many things to say,
i watch the sunlight,
dance across your face,
i've never been this swept away,
should've listen to my heart,
but now you're gone away,
and all i do is pray.

The light fell upon you,
i could make it rain,
whenever i wanted to,
i'm amazed by you!
Every chance i get,
gotta fight for it,
but i can handle it!

To be together would be bliss,
what i gotta do for you to notice this,
someday, after awhile,
i'll be the reason for your smile.

Leah. (Alien Heart)

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