Box of regrets, by Slightest Sound Subscribe to rss feed for Slightest Sound
Posted: 2013-01-22 19:13:52 UTC
I know i've been left behind,
left with no sense to rhyme,
cus now it's all over.
All i was trying,
for you to notice,
that i was still there.

And now my heart's breaking,
you've left with no embrace,
and i'm the one forsaken,
you had me convinced,
that you'll never leave,
but you did it anyway.
I know i was stupid,
i actually believed it,
now you're just a piece
in my box of regrets.

Baby your body is still near me,
you ears still can hear me,
but your soul is closed.
Lovely i know you still love me,
you just refuse to show me,
stop acting so cold.


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