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Posted: 2017-12-15 09:55:03 UTC
The universe is against our love,
but we won't give up, won't we?
its just a bad luck,
but no matter what
we've got eachother
so we got this.

its gonna take awhile,
for the sun to arrive,
but lets not waste,
what could've been,
the days of our lives.
they may be against us,
but this shouldn't stop us,
from having fun.

so darling please,
we are stronger than we seem,
our love can crush the baricades,
there's nothing we can't beat.
my dear don't let go,
i want to see us grow,
lets show them that we,
can do anything we want.
keep holding on.

to me its enough,
being locked in your heart,
some days are hard,
but i know we'll be alright,
do you trust me my love,
i won't let us down,
so pick yourself up,
i got you in my arms.

Slightest Sound

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