One day (You'll be mine), by Slightest Sound Subscribe to rss feed for Slightest Sound
Posted: 2012-01-11 17:24:39 UTC
I gotta be strong,
i gotta be patient,
when i see you with her,
'cause i know that day will come,
when i'll be your only one.
And your heart will beat next to mine,
and you'll be right there by my side,
every day and every night,
'cause one day you'll be mine.

I can't let go,
cause i can't forget you,
i can't get you,
off my head.
And now i'm lying in my bed,
dreaming of your face,
walking hand in hand,
through the lonely place,
by the waving sea,
'cause one day you'll be with me.

You're the only thing i dream at night,
even if i wanna get you out,
i can't, 'cause you're stuck in my mind,
you're playing with my thoughts,
you're playing with my heart,
i could never be lost,
cause' you're here to show me the way.

You sound like my favourite song,
you're a symphony for my heart,
do you need anyother sign?
One day you'll be mine.


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