I've finally realized, by Slightest Sound Subscribe to rss feed for Slightest Sound
Posted: 2012-01-11 17:30:07 UTC
Sitting outside on the balcony with my guitar,
waiting for a shooting star to appear,
looking up in the stars,
wishing i wouldn't drop a tear.

You don't have a clue,
how much you mean to me,
and I think I'm falling for you,
I'm wrapped in your warm hug.
and there's no place I'd rather be,
I know it's just my fantasy,
but we can turn it into reality.

I'm shaking everytime you pass by,
and everytime you say a word,
I don't know how to reply,
sometimes I get so nervous,
that I even forget my own name,
and you're the one to blame.

I am waiting for so long,
and I don't know why,
am i still trying,
but now i realized i will never get a chance,
I should've known before,
that some day I will hit the floor,
I'm done with dreaming,
i'm done with rhyming,
because I'm finally realizing,
I should keep the faith
and I'll be okay.


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