Dance with me tonight, by Slightest Sound Subscribe to rss feed for Slightest Sound
Posted: 2012-03-05 20:06:12 UTC
Ayo, don't try to fool me twice,
come on over, dance with me tonight,
let's just get up and dance,
forget our mistakes,
dance the night away.

You are my mate,
you are my darling,
you are my everything,
you are my homie,
you are my honey,
you are my special thing,
you are my light,
baby dance with me tonight.

Would you dance with me tonight,
if i promise you the best night fžof your life,
you may not care about my desire,
but let me tell you something oh boy,
you are my fire.

You lighted a match to my heart,
when you left me behind,
now i'm dreaming like a little girl,
wanna dance with you,
till the end of the world.

Making mistakes is a normal thing,
but dancing with you takes me away,
you're a perfect getaway,
from this miserable life,
that's why i want you to stay,
baby dance with me tonight.


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