My home is your heart, by Slightest Sound Subscribe to rss feed for Slightest Sound
Posted: 2012-10-21 15:57:11 UTC
I've been running fast through the dark,
haven't got a chance to say goodbye,
i was lost in the cave of dark,
frightened i will never see my home again.

My home is saved in your heart,
it beats for love and faith,
and as i'm lost in the dark,
you'll be keeping it safe.

i will notice your light,
if you show me you care,
you need to find my heart,
no need to know where i am.

i really miss you my love,
do you miss me as well?
I've been walking through rain,
i've been seeing hell.

Please save me from the dark,
i gotta see my home again.
if i don't i won't mind,
all i want is our last goodbye.


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