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Posted: 2012-12-02 11:37:36 UTC
When your tears decide to fall,
and there's no one there at all,
all you need is make that one call.
When you only see the rain,
when you feel like you're insane,
i will hold you close and never let go.

When you have a bitter day,
i will be your tomorrow,
you can call me your shelter,
i will save you from thunder.
i'm aware i'm not perfect,
but i'm trying my best cus,
you are so worth it,
i will always be there,
as your shelter,
as your friend.

Why are you so insecure,
baby what are you worrying for,
i will save you from the storm.
We don't talk much anymore,
but i will always break your fall,
together we're invincible.

I know i'm not the only one,
that will save you from drowning,
but i will never say goodbye,
i'll be around,
as long as i'm breathing.


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