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Posted: 2013-01-05 11:21:49 UTC
I'm so sorry my baby,
for what's been going on lately,
i hope you'll be able to forgive me,
not talking to you's killing me.

Tell me where did i go wrong,
i should've never let you go,
now someone better came along,
it hurts but you'll never know.

You don't need me anymore,
you got her now,
she will break your fall,
but baby i will be around,
cus sooner or later,
she will bring you down,
sooner or later,
your heart will fall apart,
and sooner or later,
i will fix your broken heart.

She knows how to make you laugh,
i'm so happy for you,
i don't know how to do that,
but she'll never love you more than i do.

you've been with me through good,
you've been with me through bad,
you cared when i misunderstood,
you loved me when i was sad.


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