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Posted: 2013-01-29 07:54:18 UTC
Wether i tell the truth,
wether i tell a lie,
nothing will be the same,
as soon as we'll say goodbye.

Maybe i've been overreacting,
but cold thoughts got me distracted,
the air we need is slowly lacking,
our imaginery world is silenty cracking.

Fight for love, fight for hate,
but never try to underestimate,
we are nothing more than a name,
at the end we'll end up the same,
we'll all be just a picture in the frame.

This isn't a poem
that tells you what to do,
it's just a glimpse of reality
worded in truth.

When the specific amount of time
gently and quietly passes you by,
you start to regret the words left unsaid, but it's not like it matters,
when you're unescapebly dead.

Our minds are the proof of the insanity, we're stuck nside our each fantasy, desperately wishing we'd make it happen, it's no good for anything
exept for causing disaster.

Not many will understand what i'm saying,
nor what i've been tryng to achieve,
some are too blinded to actually see, what's going on in the world underneath.


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