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Posted: 2012-10-21 16:03:06 UTC
She is standing in the corner,
shyly trying to fit in,
they've been calling her a loner,
she's been crying from within.

She's still searching for the place,
that she could call it on her own,
she's been living in disgrace,
she don't wanna die alone.

Will she find her fairytale,
will she ever run away?
No one knows cus no one cares,
no one cares about her existance.

I wanna know, i wanna try,
i gotta save her tonight,
she is stuck in my body
and she's dying to get out.

She's my neverending glory,
gotta make her feel less worried.
She's my neverending story,
gotta make her feel less lonely.


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