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Well I am a teenage girl that it seems as though alot of people dislike, I'm am judged and picked on before before know who I am and what my life is truely like. Poetry is my way of getting my emotions out of me while still keeping them with me. I believe that poetry is a very powerful way of life and I encourage anyone to express it themselves.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Show time 2
Tears of Betrayal 1
Heart Break
All Over Again
Always Her 1
Betrayed 1
Dreams and Reailty 1
Every Time 9
Falling Apart
Flowing Freely
Hiding and Dreaming
How You Loved And Left Me
Life Flows
My Pretence
Party For Three
Set Free
Wake Up
Who Has Me?
Why'd You Do It? 1
You 1
As i Snatch One Last Kiss
Forever And Always
Freakshow 1
Living A Lie 91
Accept Or Lose 3.5
Love Sun 2
Scars of the inside 1
Weak Defences 2
Your World 1
Doubtful Lies
Words Cut 82
Poisoned Love
Prisoner Of Life 1