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we all have walls
that we put up
to keep us safe
to keep us from getting hurt

round you i have to be
more careful than usual
cause if i wasn't on guard
at all times
i know i would fall
too fast too soon

you've never given me the chance
to call you mine
it's what i wish the most for
for you to be mine
i would give my life for that
i would tear my very soul apart
just so i can call you mine

you have walla just like me
but you put your's up
for reasons i don't know

when you put your's up
i realise that i'm hurting
and i know why
i started to slip my control
my walls started to crumble
i was starting to let you in

i work hard to put them back up where they belong

you shut me out
i'm trying to be strong
i work hard to survive

then you let me back in
and before i have time to say
halula balula
my walls fall to dust
and you come russhing in

i feel everything

it scares me

and so it should
cause as soon as my walls
fell completely to dust
i feel my heart get torn to pieces

i thought that i might
finally have my chance
to make my dream come true
after everything we have done
have been through

but i should have known
not to set my hopes free
and out of their cage
i should have kept them grounded
in reality
instead of letting my hope
fly high and free
into dreams and the impossibility

i mean
who would like me anyway

so my hopes left reailty
got to high
got shot and came
crashing back down to earth

my dream will never come true
my dream of one day calling you mine
i should just stop dreaming
i should just let my hope be left caged

cause we all have walls
and have our own reasons
for putting them up

i put my walls up
to keep safe
i put my walls up
to keep me from getting hurt
Posted: 2012-01-12 05:12:14 UTC

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