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Posted: 2012-01-07 08:55:36 UTC
Even though I turned my back on you
In my times of darkness
You were still there shinning bright
Holding out your hand for me
And offering me comfort
Giving me warmth
And a shoulder to cry on

But now this event
Has brought us closer
And I have learnt
That a broken heart is a blessing from you
It’s your way of saving me
From the wrong one

Now I take your hand as you pull me in
For that much needed hug
And even though I turned my back on you
You’re still giving me your shoulder to cry on

I would just like to say to you now
That I’m sorry
I’m sorry for sinning
I’m sorry for looking for a way out
From this pain
But most of all
I’m sorry for walking away
And turning my back on you

But now I’m back
Now I’m home
I’m glad that you stayed
Glad that you still care
And glad that
You continue to look out for me

Thank you for my friends
That you gave me
Thank you for being you
Thank you for never leaving

Now instead of sorrow and heaviness
My heart is full of love once again
Filled of love and praises
Love and praises for you

I shout to the heavens
Giving thanks
I sacrifice my life to you
I now follow the path that you have
Laid down for me

You are the centre of my life
My reason to live
I spread your name to others
I preach your name
I teach your name and ways
For you are my Lord
My God
My Savior

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2012-02-19 00:08:24sweetNsour
Wow I totally enjoyed this -please continue to use ur poetry talent to glorify the Lord.