Dreams and Reailty, by deep_emotions Subscribe to rss feed for deep_emotions
Posted: 2012-01-07 08:55:55 UTC
I dream of us
Standing alone
Together against the world

I dream of us
Fighting like warriors
Together against our enemies

I dream of us
Every night
I dream of us
Together as one

Why can’t life be
As sweet as my dreams
Why does their have to be
Pain and suffering
Why do I have to be
Tortured like this

Cause you love her
Instead of me

It’s pain like I’ve never felt before
But I guess
That I’ll just carry on as normal
And deal with the pain
All alone by myself

Cause you have your eye on her
And you’re blind to see
My suffering
That I feel
Over you

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2012-01-12 19:17:33Slightest Sound
love this..