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Posted: 2012-01-24 06:50:32 UTC
i was their society'e girl
they moulded me
to be what they wanted

i was hiding my true being
continued to live a lie
hide behind a wall
showing a false image

the pretence of my being
started to fade and alter
the wall that i was hiding behind
fell to the ground
brick by brick

i broke free of the cage
barred with the rules
of being a lady and elegance and society

y true identity has come forth
to claim it's rightful place in life

their little society's girl
is no where to be seen anymore

i no longer live a lie
they have to get used to the truth

for my pretence is no longer there
i no longer hide behind a wall

it's me and no one else

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2012-03-01 17:15:56stsorrowscribe
spread your wings and learn to fly