Scars of the inside, by deep_emotions Subscribe to rss feed for deep_emotions
Posted: 2012-01-24 07:05:45 UTC
every day i fight to survive
as i struggle to show a smile
to force a smile
a laugh

with every thought i have
throughout the harsh days
i die inside

so now i'm fading away
as the seconds tick by
my soul no longer exists
as it has faded away completely

as i continue to leave scars
upon my fabric of being
i'm torn in knowing
in feeling this pain

so i'll just continue to die
slowly from the inside out

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2012-02-13 07:37:29Simply-Me-20104
Wow... This is pretty... emotional... Too many people can relate to this, I feel, including myself. Somehow we just have to find a way to patch the wounds and keep moving on!!