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Why do I continue to let you do this to me?
All signs seem to point to wrong, wrong, wrong.
Iguess lonely is how I feel
when you are gone.

We weren't together when I did what I did,
Yet you are making me pay...
Sometimes when I'm with you,
It seems like i don't have a say.

I would always dream,
Of spending eternity with you.
My heart would always beat your name.
But what I feel, is it ture.

Am I trying to be young once again?
Or do I truely love you?
Do I take the chance and see what happens?
Or do i end it now and say we are forever through?

You hurt the ones I care about,
Possibly end their lives.
Sure you don't mean to,
But I can't take anymore lies.

I don't think you are the man anymore
that I used to see through my eyes.
I think that this will break my heart,
But I think it's time to say our final goodbyes...

And you didn't care...

I gave you my heart
and you played with it and tore it apart.
You never truely cared, never truely loved me.
I was nothing but I toy... Why didn't I see...?

I was blinded by your lies.
You made my heart break everytime I said goodbye.
But now the truth has been revealed
and you can no longer conceal.

Conceal the truth from me,
I now know who you're gonna be.
I now have the strength to say this without pain.
So goodbye forever and not once again.
Posted: 2012-12-27 06:00:54 UTC

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