Posted: 2012-01-07 09:02:48 UTC
Others come and go
They grow and fall
Fall from the branches
That are called my life

They have their time
Shinning in the sun
But when winter comes
They fall away

But you’re the only one
That stays there bright green
Blowing in the chilly winter wind

With your bright colour
You catch my eye
All the time
From the rest

When I look at you
All I see is perfection
I see everything about you

I see the way you smile
I see the way you frown
The way you pout
And the way you laugh

I see a lifetime
Fall of mysteries
Just waiting to be solved
I see joy and sadness

But that sadness
Will never be you leaving
For you are stuck fast
To the branches
Called my life

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2012-04-06 00:48:03sweetNsour
This is awesome great JOB, I honestly like this. Well done, its deep yet the message is out and I felt like I could relate. Keep up the good work