Love Sun, by deep_emotions Subscribe to rss feed for deep_emotions
Posted: 2012-01-24 07:01:06 UTC
From the moment i wake
and rise with the sun
to the moment i fall asleep
when it is pitch black

i'm thinking of you

i know that when the sun sets
in the evening
my love for you
should set too

but it doesn't
it leaves temporally when i fall asleep
but rises again
in the morning sun

so once again tonight
as the sun sets
my love for you stays

it will numb for a few hours
while i sleep
but i will still feel you
in my dreams

and when the sun rises
once again in the morning
i feel my love for you
once more

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2012-02-22 02:41:04sweetNsour
Hmmm interesting,

2012-03-14 04:44:40Anthony Cardon