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I sit here all alone,
With no one to turn to,
No one that I can trust,
Can ask for advice.
They've all turned their backs to me.
If only they could see my pain.
See the scars deep within me,
Blemishing my only soul.

The words they throw.
The wounds. They cut through me.
All I wish to do,
Is for once and for all say goodbye.

The torment marks my soul.
Destroys it from the inside out.
Leaving my body as an empty shell,
With a mind filling with doubt.

With your claws gripping my skin,
What is there left?
I scream and shout for help,
But it seems as though everyone is deaf.

Which just proves how alone I am,
With no on to turn to.
I hide alone trying to survive,
While forgetting whats true.
Posted: 2012-12-27 06:31:52 UTC

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