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you made my heart whole
you made it best again
you gave it its life back
you made it complete again

then just like that
in one small miserable second
after you gave it a thousand pleasures
you shatter it into a million pieces

now you've left me all alone
to sweep up these broken pieces
all by myself
without you

and even though
it's been all this time
it still pains me
now that you've gone

i want you back here
more than ever before
i want to feel your arms around me once more
i want to feel the warmth they offer

i want them wrapped around me
embracing me like never before
i just want them more and more
i just want them to be mine once again

but they can't cause you walked away
even though you said you never would
you'd constantly tell me how you want me
want me forever and ever

but now you've gone back on your word
and left me in pieces
left me to die inside
can't you see that?

you've gone and broken me into pieces
and you left me there
but just so you know
i still love you

my heart still aches for you
and will for all of time
i just want you in my life once more
please don't go and leave me here

i can't bear this parting
it just keeps on hurting
and doesn't stop
my heart wants you and only you

for all of time
it wants to be joint to yours
just once more
please come back

it's hurting too much
i just wanna hug you once more
i wanna feel that magical bliss of your kiss
i never thought that you would hurt me

every day you said you loved me
but now you've gone 
and said that awful, hurtful word
you've gone and said goodbye
Posted: 2012-01-07 08:53:38 UTC

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