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Have a decision to make
Is this friendship worth this pain
Cause it’s been here way too long
I’m sick of this rain

I want to be happy once more
I want this pain and suffering to be gone
Cause with every kiss
All I see is wrong, wrong, wrong

You’re cheating on him
With his best mate
Ad he loves you with all his heart
Your relationship is nothing but fake

So come back down to earth
And remember that we are hurting
Hurting so much
That we are slitting

Have you forgotten about us?
Forgotten who we are?
And as you continue to hurt us all
We are drifting further apart

You need to realize what it is that you’re doing
And you need to fix these mistakes of yours
Otherwise all you will continue to do
Is slam our faces with doors

So please be honest
And tell the truth to everyone
Cause the longer I have to wait
I wonder, how much longer can I carry on
Posted: 2012-01-07 08:59:56 UTC

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