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My name is Becca. I dibble-dabble in poetry and write when I feel like it. Generally it has to do with innocence or love. It's not structured and I probably try to hard but there are a few pieces i am proud of.
Poem title Voter rating Comments
The Fight of a Heart 1
Pieces of a Dream 7.335
Writer's Block but a Painter's Muse
Goodnights Forgotten 3
What Happens? 9
Final Bow 91
Vain Innocence 2
Don't Replace Me 1
Royal Lies
Loving Touch 81
Heart Breaker 2
I Miss 7.51
Broken Heart
Remove the Mask 2
Portrait of an Angel 92
In Her Door 1
Salt 42
Golden Smile 1
To My Mother
Product 1
Platonic 1
lying feathers 3
who's the fool
blame my broken heart on me 2
choose 1
start or stop
rehab 2
every little bit 1
Hole Moment
Away 1
Mommy's treat 1
with you
ice and prizes
best friend
because of you 82
All A Door Holds
Sunken Ship
Bare Country 1
Paper For 251
Untitled As Of Yet
Corners and Power Lines 1
Squeeze 1