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...For a split-second it all made sense...
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Time 1
Vacation 1
Can't Help Myself 1
Optimism 1
When I Knew You 2
Metaphors 73
There's a Hope 71
Rhymes About You 1
While it Lasted 1
Please Say Goodbye 84
G.O.O.D.B.Y.E. 7.331
Let's Live 92
Out of Sight 1
Tick. Tock.
Give it Back
Staples 2
Under the Silver Moon 4
Suicide 73
Tomorrow 3
Inside My Sinking Boat 3
Always 32
Storm 1
First and Sour
Can't Go On
Fall Again, Float Again
Treading Water
Someday I'll Say 1
A Toast
Blackened Blue 1
Another is Gone 81
A Vice, Or Two 1
I Wonder
Wishing on Stars 1
Holding My Heart
I am a Red Octagon
Can't Find Peace
Truely Happy
Still 21
Sad Extremist 91
You Make Me Feel
From Down Here
In My Pocket
My First
The View
In This Moment
No More Appologies
This Lovely Game of Love
Feed the Dream
But I Might
Under The Influence
If I Fly Away 8
Cupid's Target 1
A Warped Reflection 1
Drops of Comfort
Starry Hours
I'm Here
You'll See
And I Was Gone
I've Run Dry
The Sound of Silence 1
Remnants of a Broken Picture 1
Exist 61
My Broken Promises 2
Torrid February
Losing Oxygen
Everything is Nothing
In the Dirt 2
Reliable Materials 83
And Again, and Again
A Pretty Smile 1
Miss You 8
You're My Lullaby 1
Monster In My Closet 7
Satisfaction 9
The Art of Self-Defense
One of Those Nights
You Know It's There
Hush Little Baby
It Hurts 1
Collection of Hearts 91
Nothing Says It 2
Always You 1
Farewell, Forlorn
Hello You 1
Beneath the Sunglasses 81
Things We Say
Fading 6
Indecision Clouds My Vision 1
Safety First
Waiting for the Rainbow 1
Past the Reflection and into a Dream 8
Promise Me One Thing 91
Just Letting You Know 2
A Painful Realization
Role Reversal 1
Take it? 2
Endings 51
Like I Can
I Knew 8
Hi, I'm Confusion 2
Elastic mind 1
Lightning Bugs 5
Silver and Gold 81
Number Five Thousand Twenty Six and One Half 51
Coffee Machine Noises 1
Ignorance is Bliss
From Nowhere at All (unfinished) 1
Too Much In Too Few Words 8.51
Anticipation 91
I Love to Hate the Rain 2
The Last One 92
Don't Stay Up 2
I Feel the Same Today 83