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One mile is too far
1300 is a rope around my neck
Tighter every day and I can't breathe without you

Now I miss you more
Than ever before

The way you touched me
Held me
Like day dreaming
But I never woke up wishing
That dreams come true
I already know they do

And the way you kissed me
Through the raindrops on my lips
And the way I melted
Into your rain soaked chest
I could live forever in a puddle
If it kept this memory safe

Now I lay myself down on this floor alone
And pretend I'm holding your hand
Tanning under the 40 wat, soft white light bulb
Like we did
My burns, those memories that have tattooed themselves
To the fragile skin of my heart
Traces of a sweet love
Bright and obvious 
They ache now, thinking of you

I'm here
And still you're there
Yet I feel you every second 
Of every day
And when I pray, I always say
How grateful I am

I love you, so much

Posted: 2005-04-15 01:24:16 UTC

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2005-04-08 01:13:13Mysti
omg, i love this poem. i cant believe you accomplished such a beautiful piece

2005-04-08 04:53:56Cpick
Beautiful, absolutely moving. Wonderfuly worded and versed in the sence of making the reader feel and understand the deep hurt you felt, Tres Bien!