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Most of my poems are written when i went through a dark time in my life and needed closure in my life, I believe that with Jesus as my saviour I have the closure i need, Jesus is the only way to live. I am now 24
Poem title Voter rating Comments
I hate who i am 1
Why can't i be ME 3
Awake 71
God 7.53
Nothing 2
No one 4
Lucky 1
I'm So Alone 1
I'm sitting here 2
I'm changing 2
Family 1
The Mask 1
Not worth my time 72
Slit 3
Daddy 85
Not A poem- It is a must read 91
Depression 1
Set Free 2
Thank You,Thank You, Thank You. 2
Caitlin 1
my faith struggle
Christian Rambling
another rambling 2
for my Daughter :) 1