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Posted: 2010-05-04 23:19:08 UTC
He died that morning
He's not coming back
He never said good-bye my child
He never said i love you , that night

He didn't have to go, he would still be here today.
He never had to leave and make a broken heart out of me.
He never had to go but he chose to and that was final.
Now he's dead and all i can do is remember, every detail of him.

There's many nights i wish i had a daddy, He was the only one that understood the pain i feel, the only one that could tell me I am his little girl.

The many memories i have of him are very close to my heart and have been whats kept me back for so long now.
It's only been 10 years but it has felt like an eternity.
I'll always cherish the many memories we had and not let him fade away like he did that cold february morning.

Side Note:
If you who read this poem are wondering, My dad ran into a building on February 26,2002 and well you can never recover from something so traumatic.I am a 15 year old and i have been fatherless since i was 12, he never got to see me graduate from elementary school, thats why i am broken- hearted child. The only thing that i wanted at that ceremony was my daddy kissing me and telling me that i did it but i never got it so there was an angry child that i became.I am never able to forgive him for what he did. 1:20 am, is the time he killed himself, I was sleeping and got woken up by the phone ringing, That is the worst thing ever.

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2005-06-27 20:49:04April BLue
i never wanted a dad.mine was too rotten to want back.pushed it aside.glad you wanted yourrs tho.makes ya think bout it more.too wordy at the p.s.butt that is your style.

2006-04-21 03:17:43 ~~~~GLOSTARG~~~~
I think this is not only a good poem but the words come from the heart and that deserves merit! there is a beautiful website calledfathers love letter, maybe you would like to see it and read it, here is the link

2006-11-13 16:37:21~*PuRely*DeVine*~
wow...really really well sorry...its really sad :(

2007-02-16 19:52:45bex103
you have deep emotion for your daddy! your'll never understand why he did it but he was with you at tht ceremony you just couldnt see him is all...

2007-11-12 22:11:08FlawlessStorm
Awe..your dad was an awesome person, I just didn't know he killed himslef, I thought he lost control or something...