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Posted: 2008-11-14 04:27:26 UTC
tonight is a night i am distant, distant from life, distant from god, distant from everything, the way i feel is not a good feeling.

i never say i need to leave my place, i never need to usually.

i need to leave my hometown and go somewhere new.

i need a new lease on life and start things fresh.

i have disobeyed god, and for that well there are no words, its disobeying a parent.

to me disobeying god is worse than disobeying your parents.

although i slip and fall flat on my face, i know that, i need to come out and confess my sins.

to my god and to myself.

i am truly his child, soo why do i get myself into earthly temptations.

never again will i touch anything that is tempting.... never again will i be sooo stupid.

i hate that i did this...

i feel sooo awful.

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2008-12-22 19:13:33*Confidential~Versifier*
question wut did u do ? but its kooo cause any1 kuld relate to this

2009-01-13 16:41:13Cute One
i am not going to specify what i did lol