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I know how hard it is to bear the pain that so many people
face, I for one have faced so much pain and suffering, my
dad killed himself, I feel as though i could die any second,
I've been depressed, I have dreams of people rapeing me ,
Its all there. I know most of the people on this website
have something they hate about themselves and me included, I
hate how i have been teased all my life and have had to face
my bullies head on, that shouldnt be the way, every one of
these things that i have mentioned above are all things that
we are getting tested with to see whether we can get
stronger. We are on this planet to see whether we are good
enough for the next, its all one test. 
Nothing-meaning satan because satan hates your guts and to a
christian satan is an enemy and me being a christian satan
is nothing a he is real and he really does hate you and he
wants to harm you. He wants you to hate yourself but god,
loves you and he and he thinks that you are a masterpiece
even though you might not think this yourself. It says in
Ephesians 2:10, "For we are god's masterpiece, he has
created us anew in christ jesus, so that we can do the good
things he planned for us long ago." on another not every
nail that put jesus to that cross was our sins and he had to
be nailed to that cross so that we could have eternal life
and live sinless lives because even before we were born, God
knew every detail about our lives. He knew everything, the
amount of hair on our heads, he knew we would be sinful and
that is why he sent his son jesus to die on the cross. 
I hope that each of you that read this insight about Satan
and God, would make the right choice to follow God because
Satan only wants people that are willing to spend an
eternity in a Burning pit of Lava, I would rather spend and
eternity in Heaven where i can be with my God forever up in
the clouds with the pearly gates. What more could someone
want then to spend an Eternity in the Pearly Gates. LIke i
have Mentioned above Satan his a Dough-head and really just
totally dislikes you in many different ways."Follow God and
you shall have Eternal Life Forever" 
Posted: 2006-02-28 13:27:08 UTC

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2006-02-17 05:38:38I'm The Girl That Holds Everything Inside
You have a very insiteful look on seem like you've been threw a lot but you still have a way of looking at it in a decent way without hating life all together.