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Posted: 2008-10-17 15:38:30 UTC
Who gives you strength when you need it the most
Who do you call on when u need the strength
Do you call on god or do you try to help yourself.
God is my choice because i know that he is the one to call on for anything.
Despite the amount of times I have not trusted his judgement, i know that i am forgiven. Despite the amount of times i have sinned, i know that i am his child and i am forgiven.

God is my strength
God is my protection
God is my life
I dont understand why anyone would criticize.

I am a christian and I have been for almost 7 years, I went to a youth convention and couldnt take my non christian life anymore, in which i surrendered my life to god.

God doesnt need the label that his human creation has put on him
God doesnt need to be labelled badly

Why do humans put that label on god and christians, do they put a label on other people..... no!!! SOOOO STOP PUTTING LABELS ON US.


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