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Posted: 2005-04-09 14:47:15 UTC
I'm sitting here and all i hear are murmurs.
I'm sitting here and i just want to cry.
I'm sitting here and all i want to do is die.
I'm sitting here all depressed and people are just walking passed.
i'm sitting here and just wishing things could change.
I'm sitting here wondering when my angel will come.
I'm sitting here wishing things away.
I'm sitting here, wondering when i will live a normal teenager's life
I'm sitting here wanting all my burden's gone but then again, i am filled with burden's that, i shouldn't even have had in the first place.

People making my life burdened because they hate me, It's just not right.
People just looking at me wrong makes me sit alone because they hate.
I'm sitting here and thinking how i can change so people will like me, but then again why should i change.

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2005-05-14 03:30:31wishing_on_stars
I can agree with the fist part (most of it anyway). Mostly the living a normal teenager's life thing.

2006-03-09 01:57:42I'm The Girl That Holds Everything Inside
This poem is so sad. Teenage years can be the worse hang in there and everything will be ok! Thanks for the comment by the way!