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Posted: 2005-05-16 19:34:45 UTC
I lay awake at night and wonder if i'll ever see you again
I lay awake and wonder when i will hear your voice again
I lay awake and wonder when i will hear that goofy laugh you always made me laugh with, i wonder when i'll hear it.
I lay awake and think to myself, he'll be back soon, i hope.
But then in the reality of everything that has happened, i won't be seeing you.
When i fall asleep i see your face.
When i fall asleep it is like an alternate universe because there you are again and we are one big family once more.
I wish i could lay awake and say dad i need you but know when, close my eyes, i see you there and then when i wake up you will say your dreaming. I think about you always.
You are whats driven all the tears over the past three years and I miss you so dearly.

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2006-02-17 05:36:41I'm The Girl That Holds Everything Inside
It must have been hard for you to write about something so personal for everyone to hear...I truly admire that. Keep up the good work!