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Posted: 2005-05-14 12:31:50 UTC
Nothing is right This is what satan want us to believe
Nothing is sweet, The lies he tells, Satan is nothing from sweet.
Nothing is anything worth living, Satan ain't worth living for.
Nothing has me Pulling towards him.How can i get out of the hole.
Nothing is calling-Satan is calling do you accept the wage of death for satan.
No one can hear it but the lonely, and those unimmune to god can hear
Nothing hates you
Nothing harms you
Nothing will hunt you like fresh meat, unless you take hold of God
Nothing just plain sucks.. Satan really does suck and he won't win the battle because jesus already got the victory.
All the below are things satan doesnt want us knowing
Jesus died so we could be forgiven
Jesus died so that satan couldnt have the victory.
Jesus died so that we could be forgiven for our sins.
Jesus died for those that believe he died for them.
Jesus died for us.

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2005-04-16 21:44:06Cute One
Nothing-meaning satan because satan hates your guts and to a christian satan is an enemy and me being a christian satan is nothing a he is real and he really does hate you and he wants to harm you. He wants you to hate yourself but god, loves you and he and he thinks that you are a masterpiece even though you might not think this yourself. It says in Ephesians 2:10, "For we are god's masterpiece, he has created us anew in christ jesus, so that we can do the good things he planned for us long ago." on another not every nail that put jesus to that cross was our sins and he had to be nailed to that cross so that we could have eternal life and live sinless lives because even before we were born, God knew every detail about our lives. He knew everything, the amount of hair on our heads, he knew we would be sinful and that is why he sent his son jesus to die on the cross.

2005-05-12 19:47:59wishing_on_stars
I can really relate to this one. Satan had tried to pull me down for so many years, and I have God to thank for pulling me back up. This is great work.