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Female, 15 years old. I've been writing poems since I was 13. Alot of my poetry is dedicated to certain people in my life, However, some of my poetry is inspired by certain experiences I've had. It's also my way of letting off steam. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and a huge thanks to you for reading my poetry and commenting xx :)
Poem title Voter rating Comments
Anything For You 81
Together Someday 8.55
I Can't Express The Words 1
How I Love You 1
I Can't Tell You 3
I See You
She Doesn't Mean It 1
Serious Love 3
It's So Wrong Now
Before You And I
I Love You In Every Way
When You're Gone
Here, Take It 1
Mother Nature
The Words Have Gone
Our Secret Love
Even Though We're Apart Right Now
Keep Me Safe
You Have Me
Before I Met You
I long to...
I Won't Give Up
A soldier Now A Prince 1
The New Improved You
We're Not Going To Last
You're The Reason
How You Left Me 1
No Obstacles
Until The End Of Time
They Let Me Fall
You Never Notice
We Will Leave Here
I Miss You 1
Inside My Head
My Secret 8
I Cared For You
For My Uncle
The Person Inside
Fake Smiles
What They Did 71
It Hurts
It's My Fault
Nobody Understands 1
You Hurt Me, I Love You
Written For M.B
You Couldn't Take It
Met You, Liked You, Loved You, I Miss You 91
You're Not In Love 1
My Life, My Soul, My Wishes
Come What May
They Burst
My God Forsaken Life
Two Faced Liar
How I Used To Be
She Was Me 1
Lost Little Girl
Don't Trust Anyone
She Makes A Mark
Forget Him, Remember Him 8.52
The House Of The Setting Sun 1
What Goes Through My Head
Don't Leave Me
I Hate It 7
Heart For Sale 1
Fake Sympathy
Your Lies
Once Upon A Broken Heart 91
I Cannot Deny I Love You
My Angel
My Lifes Chosen Fate
I'll Never Go Back To You
Confused Love
The Misunderstanding
Tonight's The Night
Lying In Wait
Broken Heart
Broken Heart, Broken Life, Broken Dreams
My World, Your World 1
Ripped Me Apart
Valantines Day 1
Then, And Now
I Owe You Nothing
Perfect World
Kiss The Dead 1
My "Friend" 1
Paper And Pen 5.51
You're Addictive
I Live My Life
I Havn't Changed 1
Slowly. Drowning 1
The Vampires Poem
In The Safety Of My Room 2
The House At Midnight
My Calling
Thankyou - You've made me stronger 2
Inspired By M.B 1
'Fine' 1
Your Deceitful Hour
In Your Silver Volvo
I Just Simply... Can't 1
I'm Just A Waste Of Space You See. 9
I'm Just A Fuck Up
Why Can't They Let Me Do It...
You Loved, Miss, Hate, I Loved, Miss, Love 1
With Permanent Deceit
It's Not Your Fault My Life Is Tough
Every Time You Do It
Why Lie? 1
The Day You Left 1
I'll Fight For You 1
You Were My Everything 1
I Won't Put Myself Through This Again
Now He's Gone
Feelings I Have
My Mind - not really a poem just how my mind wonders
Halloween (it's a short story not a poem)
It Reminds Me Of You
For My Uncle, As He Lay There
Daddy Watches From Above 9
Without You 2
If You Ever Left me - This Would Happen:
My Poem To S.B
It's All Gone 2
Untitled 1
I'm Sorry, I Can't Do This Anymore 3
I Want... 1
It's All Wasted On You
Caffeinated Cola
It's Not Love It's Just Lust
NO, I Do Not Believe In Love
How It Feels To Be Betrayed 1
How I Loved You, How I Lost You
You'll Never Know How Much You Mean To Me 71
Let Me Become Lost In You
Miss You 2
Yet Another Scar 3
Stupid Me... 1