My Mind - not really a poem just how my mind wonders, by ♥ Leah ☺ Subscribe to rss feed for ♥ Leah ☺
Posted: 2009-07-19 21:16:43 UTC
I find that allowing myself to wander the realms of my mind helps me to find contentment. This is where I can be myself. Information stored in my head may never be disclosed but can bring satisfaction.
My mind is impenetrable. Only I ever know what goes on inside there. It is a treasure trove without a key but also without a keyhole. In my mind I can live my own private life, or share one, if I wish.
Imagination is vital to enjoying the time in my mind, without imagination my mind would no longer be a mind, it would be a brain. To use your brain to its full potential and promoted to the responsibility of becoming a mind, you must have dreams and wishes. Without dreams and wishes you have nothing to use your mind for.
My mind can also be used as my own free I-pod. I just think of a song and I can play it in my head. It’s also much cheaper and also allowed anywhere. I also find that roving the depths of my subconscious can help with relaxation. Many of life's problems can be figured out by allowing your mind to run wild.
My mind is a place I visit often. Most of the time it is while I am alone as this allows me to concentrate wholly on what I am looking for. Along many foot paths and woodlands I may walk before I come to what I want but it is always worth it when I find it. Sometimes I will wander aimlessly until I come to something that satisfies my needs and wants.
My mind can also be used as my happy ending. This is my sacred place, and I am fully in control here. Things that would normally be impossible for me to achieve suddenly become goals I can easily meet. Nothing can stop me here, no mountain is too high, and no river is too deep. If I stumble across these obstacles, I can pull out a ladder, or even create my own stepping stones.
A virtual paradise lies inside my head. I can be whisked away to anywhere I want to at any time for any purpose, and with also who I want. My Prince Charming can come alive in an instant. Summer breezes wash over me on a beautiful beach as my body is bathed in rich, golden sunset. The waves lap up against my feet as the palm trees wave in the wind. Or sometimes I find myself meandering through a forest full of life. Listening to the birds spread their songs. Sometimes I am alone, but often I find myself with the love of my life, slowly and calmly walking hand in hand, our foot steps in sink. Like reality, it rains in my mind, however, the rain is warm and soothing, healing any wounds, and dissolving any stress. In my mind there is a frequent smell of lavender cast by. And when the gentle breeze stops by to greet me, it offers a faint smell of the reddest of roses.
There is a point where unfortunately fantasy has to meet reality and these moments allow us to keep in the real world. However, for me I find that my imagination keeps me alive and prosperous and that is why my mind is my favourite place and what's more, I can take it anywhere with me.

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