My Poem To S.B, by ♥ Leah ☺ Subscribe to rss feed for ♥ Leah ☺
Posted: 2009-07-23 20:30:30 UTC
Have you tasted these tears,
Falling down my face?
Then tell me how you think
That this is ok.
I’ve seen a best friend cry,
A mother too,
I’ve had a family member die,
Now walk in my shoes.
It’s not so easy,
Doing what I do.
Being who I am,
And smiling, too.
When you judge me,
I just turn and walk away.
You’ve never lived my life,
Now what do you have to say?
I say it’s unfair to be judged so often,
By people other than me.
This is my life, not yours,
So I am who I want to be.

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