Forget Him, Remember Him, by ♥ Leah ☺ Subscribe to rss feed for ♥ Leah ☺
Posted: 2009-06-30 20:08:05 UTC
Forget his name, forget his face,
Forget his kiss and warm embrace.
Forget the time you spent together.
Forget it all he is gone forever.
Forget the fact that he once cared,
Forget the love that he once shared.
Forget his love that once was true,
Remember now there is someone new.
Forget you cried all night long,
Forget him when they play your song.
Forget how close you once were.
Remember how he chose her.
Forget you memorized the way he walked.
Forget the way that he talked.
Forget the times he made you mad.
Remember how he made you feel so sad.
Forget the thrills when he said, Hi!
Remember the times he made you cry.
Forget the way he said your name.
Remember now he is not the same.
Forget you saw him yesterday.
Forget his gentle and teasing way.
Forget the things you had planned to do.
Remember now he is not with you.
Forget the times that went so fast.
Forget it all it is in the past.
Forget he said, I'll leave you never.
Remember now he is gone forever.
Forget the past that I once knew.
Forget it all leave it too.
Because he no longer loves me...
..He loves you...

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2009-07-08 17:51:46CUTTS**AND_A_BROKEN_HEART
wow, whoever this was for must have taken away the amazingest persons..and he was stupd, very good emotion, i loved it

2009-07-08 18:03:35♥ Leah ☺
thanks, this was actually really hard to write, kept crying lol :P im a right wimp lol