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Posted: 2009-07-23 20:24:32 UTC
Daddy Can You tell me Why You Left Me Today?
Mummies always crying and I don’t know what to say.
I think I made her angry as she hit me with her whip,
She sliced all my back and cut my bottom lip.
She’s says she’s so angry that you didn’t say goodbye,
She says that she hates me that I deserved to die.
I don’t know if she means it and I don’t know what to do,
She’s shouting really loud, and I am turning to you.
I miss you daddy and I really need you here,
Mummy is high and she’s drinking loads of beer.
I need your help because she’s angry tonight,
She going to try and hurt me and I can’t put up a fight.
I am all alone, daddy, with just teddy as my friend.
He’s a really good listener but not good to defend.
I’m really scared now she’s just getting madder,
As the minutes go by I’m just getting sadder.
She coming daddy, please hear my plea!
Because tonight my mummy will murder me.
But look on the bright side well be together again,
A life of leisure instead of pain.
I live in hate I have no friends,
This constant fight just has no end.
She broke my bones and cut my eye,
While she repeatedly shouted “Die! Just die!!
This is it my life’s made peace.
My souls at rest to say the least.
Were waiting daddy, Teddy and I,
Beneath these gates that stand so high.
I told you daddy we might meet again,
My body was weak and I couldn’t take the strain.
I got what I wanted to be here with you,
To draw a line and just start anew.
And here we are reunited at last,
My six years we over pretty fast.
I’m happy now that at least you see…
Thank you daddy for helping me!

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