The House At Midnight, by ♥ Leah ☺ Subscribe to rss feed for ♥ Leah ☺
Posted: 2009-06-30 20:00:44 UTC
I sit in the darkness at my window sill,
I look over to that house, nothing is still,
I stare at the house, nervouse, shakey and scared,
I look at the hooded figures outside it, they don't seem cared,
they have no remorse, no shame, or conscience,
they don't even smell the buildings potence,
the smell of decay, the death and the dread,
nor the faint smell of the spilt crimson red,
nor do they notice my frightened gaze,
as I'm out of the light of the moonlit haze,
nobody seems to know what goes on in that house,
nobody goes near it, except the odd mouse,
but i hear the shouts, the yells, and the screams,
it sounds like a child, waking up from bad dreams,
I dont actually know what happens in there,
it reminds me of some kind of saton worshipped lair,
I will one day find out what happens inside,
and unlock the secret it's bound to hide.

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