I Cared For You, by ♥ Leah ☺ Subscribe to rss feed for ♥ Leah ☺
Posted: 2009-06-30 20:03:25 UTC
I cared for you when you'd given up,
I did everything I could.
Then you stabbed me in the back,
For doing all I should.
I was terrified of losing you,
You were in a risky place.
And then you go and throw it all,
Right back in my face.
A week has passed and I'm terrified,
Of what is next to come.
I feel stupid that I gave a damn,
And now I feel so dumb!
It was ok to be angry for what I did,
But I hoped that you would see
I never wanted to cause you pain,
And it was never all about me.
To fake your death and feed me lies was as sick as you could be.
My life is now a living hell,
I no longer want to be me.
Thanks for messing me up even more
And causing all this pain.
I hope you’re happy with yourself,
So now please end your game.

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