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I am a humane female Love writing, love reading, I will read yours if I should see it. Most of all Love to love. Please read, comment your my motivation. Thank you
Poem title Voter rating Comments
It hurt but i loved it 4
the entertainer 2
He 1
For Love 7.52
lately 2
love? 5
confusion 2
afraid to sleep 1
The butterflies 2
butterflies again andb again 2
my new old friend 96
locked in 2
damn you, I need you now! 2
i ll get by 5
when 2
missing you 93
i am still waiting 72
I Miss you 2
evil tree 2
oh hell 2
dumb dumb 1
The gem in my life 2
!!!!SEX!!!! 4
God 92
grave 2
A letter to society 1
have you ever? 1
Bird 2
exposed 1
I 1
Silent outburst 8.52
tinker 2
purpose 1
my poetry 84
the flight 1
i am constipated 91
You 82
so i hide 2
accept it 2
God is speaking
Odd one
tears are not in.
so, its time 1
i am not perfect 7
writing 1
so i found my purpose
I am a party animal
not a poem
I cry
The band
Hide no seeking
Dear parents
Love doubts
Once up on a time