It hurt but i loved it, by sweetNsour Subscribe to rss feed for sweetNsour
Posted: 2009-01-29 17:47:47 UTC
Love did not hurt me
he did,
still i love the hurt he gave me
i guess because i love him
love never break my heart
i did

it hurts but i love it
the pity
the sorry for myself again
the sympathy from friends.

it was not so bad.

love never made me sad
he did
I guess its was love though
that cushion the pain
and let me stayed
it was love
it hurt being used, cheated on, lyed to,stood up, insults,
yeah i must say it hurt but i loved love
i loved him
i believed i couldn't find another
so i stayed and took the pain
and loved it.

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2009-02-08 07:19:43papaya
hey! I can feel yr love and pain! You love him so much that's why it is painful.... yet you can't let it goes coz you love him.......

2009-02-11 06:50:46LostSoul
I feel your pain sweetNsour and thank you for taking the time to read my work.

2009-11-25 01:18:44If It Wasnt For The Broken Hearts Where Would I Be
Thank you for your comments :) I really relate to this poem, you are very good too!

2012-04-05 11:02:07Viskey
like this and I can relate good job